Tube Slides

A closed waterslide gives you the ultimate freedom to create a combination of speed & fun, with or without a tube. For single use, up to four people in a tube or even an endles flow with our Magic Oval.

Tube 800

The G-Force slide is built for speed and adrenaline seekers. It has a declination of more than 10 degrees. Due to the small tube diameter, the slider is able to enjoy the slide in a lying position.

Tube 1200

The Tube 1200 is the best choice for a family orientated tube slide. Van Egdom can provide a creative course design, ensuring the ride will be unique, by using a combination of different jumps, radii, declination and tube sensations.

Tube 1400

The Tube 1400 slide can be used with a single or double person inner tube. This is a family orientated inner tube slide, an ideal addition to any water facility.

Open 1400

This is a great combination slide Van Egdom designed for multi-use around the world. The Open 1400 is an open slide section fused with a closed tube section, creating two different slide sensations in one slide course.

Magic Oval

The Magic Oval is a versatile water slide suited for single or double inner tubes and even round rafts. It can take up to 4 persons, making it a good choice for increasing capacity. Its unique oval shape creates a different sliding experience from conventional tube slides.