Tidal Wave


The Tidal Wave is a dry slide ride suitable for fully clothed use in all weather conditions. Visitors will love the speed and sheer intensity of experiencing the almost vertical wall of the Tidal Wave. This ride delivers a great swing path giving each slider a sensational speed experience and the feeling of weightlessness. An incredible water attraction experience which will drive your sliders to ride the Tidal Wave time after time.

The extra “Boom” in the mid-section towards the skim-out / splash pool will give an extra stomach twist and surprise to the slider whilst still travelling at exciting speed.

Designed with a high starting platform, Tube 1400 sections are placed in the front section of the ride and can be equipped with additional interactive packages to allow sliders to select a theme and combine this incredible ride with sound light and vision experiences – Van Egdom powered by iSlide delivers tube sensation features to further enhance the ride experience.

The attraction can be enjoyed in single and double person tubes.

The Tidal Wave ride is visually impressive, easy to operate and maintain and is a firm favourite with water park enthusiasts.



±350 p/hr


25 x 12 x 11 m


Avg. 10-45%

Pump capacity

150 + 60 m3/hr


Medium to Fast


Thrill seekers


Any RAL colour, Translucent


Skim-out, Tube Sensations