Van Egdom’s Cyclone 50 is set to become the wildest ride on the market . Visitors will love the speed, the drops and sheer G force intensity this 4 person Iconic raft ride will create.

Specifically designed to be the flagship ride and named to commemorate 50 years of delivering really great leisure experiences to the water park industry.

This Family friendly , high capacity raft ride defines modern water play excitement. From the moment you sit in the raft at “Takeoff and select your ride experience ,  the immense size and expanse of this ride signals to the visitor this is going to be something special , an incredible experience and an exciting memorable moment to share with family and friends.

Starting at 18 meters with a 46 degree drop into a cavernous water chamber

This is a giant amongst Iconic raft rides, perfectly safe , designed to deliver more occilations and dips, higher swing paths, more almost vertical weightlessness moments than ever thought possible.

Dutch Design & Engineering

Van Egdom’s innovative “Swing Theory” & “Stretch Engineering” delivers more ride speed with greater swing and gravity defying wall hanging thrills .The stretch design affords safety whilst ensuring a longer more memorable ride.

The Cyclone 50 comes in two sizes 19 meters and 15 meters.

Additional Interactive packages are also available to allow visitors to select a theme to combine this incredible ride with sound , light and vision experiences. With total interactivity visitors can record and post their ride experience on social media time and time again.



± 480 p/hr

Dimensions Cone

19000 mm and 15000 mm


Avg. 10-25%

Pump capacity

Total 1250 m³/hr




Thrill Seekers


any RAL colour, translucent


skim-out, Tube Sensations