Big Slides

Sometimes bigger is better! Looking for an eyecatcher that makes the marketing of your location more easy? Want your customers to have the ride of their live? Try one of these slides.

Cyclone 50

The G-Force slide is built for speed and adrenaline seekers. It has a declination of more than 10 degrees. Due to the small tube diameter, the slider is able to enjoy the slide in a lying position.

Crazy Cone

Van Egdom’s Crazy Cone ride is extremely popular. The Cones are a guaranteed eye-catcher and deliver a unique slide experience. Riders slide down the Tube before jumping in the Crazy Cone and get forced up the wall and back to the bottom.

Super Crater

The Van Egdom Super Crater was specifically designed for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. This tube slide begins slow, lulling the rider into a false sense of security. 

Side Winder

The Side Winder was developed especially for everyone seeking a thrilling high speed water ride experience. The sliders start from an 11 metre platform, seated in a double or single person inner tube. 

Space Bowl

The Space Bowl is an exciting slide design leading into a huge bowl. The diameters of the bowl can be 6.5 or 8.0 metres. The slide starts at the upper platform where guests enter the tube slide sending them down to the giant bowl surface.


The almost vertical wall of the Bubbler will give each slider a sensational speed experience and the feeling of weightlessness will drive the sliders to ride time after time.

Camel Back

The “Camel Back” is an energy efficient uphill water coaster using a conveyor system. This ride is an ideal product for creating long rides where height is limited. The slide uses a two person raft to race down the course.