water Rides

Aqua Shuttle

The Aqua Shuttle is a speed sensation water ride, sending riders down on sleds approaching speeds of up to 50km/hr!! Using an automatic pneumatic launch installation, all riders depart at the same time. The slide lanes drop under 45 degrees and make for a great race/competition slide combination for riders.

Aqua Snake

The Aqua Snake is an ideal addition for guests who enjoy a raft ride with curves and drops. The Aqua Snake is a perfect family ride. It is a custom built ride which can be equipped with the Tube Sensations©. Visitors are lifted into the slide by using a pneumatic start unit.

Hara Kiri

The Hara Kiri is a popular and proven concept. It combines speed and jumps into a thrilling experience which leaves sliders wanting to ride again and again.

Tidal Wave

The Tidal Wave is a dry slide ride suitable for fully clothed use in all weather conditions. Visitors will love the speed and sheer intensity of experiencing the almost vertical wall of the Tidal Wave. This ride delivers a great swing path giving each slider a sensational speed experience and the feeling of weightlessness.

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