Water Play

Waterfun comes in many ways. As long as it sprays water and gives fun, we can design an create it for you! Playgrounds, sprayparks of even single items.


Van Egdom has been creating a world of exciting water play discovery for families and children for over 50 years, constantly innovating spray park design and delivering maximum visitor impact and satisfaction. Our bespoke spray parks invite everyone to play. The perfect mix of water fun and games. Keeping families entertained, spending time together, having fun.


Our bespoke water playgrounds invite everyone to come and play. The perfect mix of water fun and family games. We ensure lots of interactivity, great water play features, energy and fun, always dynamic and full of playful surprises. Keeping families entertained, spending time together, having fun.


A Toddler Water Play Area represents a world of discovery. Van Egdom understand this and keep things calm predictable and continuous, creating a safe fun discovery haven for every toddler and parent to enjoy. Van Egdom can help and assist in making an exciting World of Discovery for your Family and Toddler visitors.

Spray Fun / Theme

An Indoor or outdoor spray park is a premier water attraction, whether in a large or small scale format. Our innovative and fun designs, always encourage hours of active play, allowing children of any age into a world of fun, colour and water play. Van Egdom spray parks teach children playfully to gain confidence with water and other children. Stimulating their imaginations with a range of play experiences. Always combined with exciting bubbling geysers, water fountains, spray tunnels, tipping buckets, turning water wheels, music, lights and character theming.