Van Egdom engineers and agents deliver service, maintenance and certificated inspections all around the world.

We offer expert advice on maintenance to maximise safety, operational efficiency, ride performance and life time asset management.

Through regular preventative maintenance, our team of experts are committed to ensuring the maximum lifetime of your Ride and Water playground assets.

Peace of Mind – our aftercare services include emergency repairs, yearly service and maintenance packages, waterslide repair, supply of materials and replacement parts and slide resurfacing.

Van Egdom, Maintain, service and inspect waterparks, waterslides and water playgrounds meeting the requirements of International Quality Systems whilst operating in accordance with European Norms EN 1069-1&2, EN 1176-1, EN13451-1.



Every year Van Egdom perform many ride and slide renovations primarily focusing on replacing and enhancing the polyester water slide, leaving the main steel support construction and underlying foundations undisturbed and intact.
This is a very cost effective and efficient way of upgrading and renovating an old slide while avoiding any unnecessary costs and time. Van Egdom also offer energy efficient insulated upgrades to the water slide tubes.

Adding Value to your Renovation

Van Egdom through its partners has developed many new water slide technologies to add value and enhance your visitors ride experience. By integrating these technologies into renovations a whole new dimension is added to your upgrade , Riders take charge of their ride experience through a menu of ride options and can enjoy 3D themed projections, play interactive games during the ride and share images of their experiences on social media.
Ride and slide renovations are being fitted out with special light and sound effects, adding a new fun dimension to an existing attraction. The options are endless and can be tailored to your resort/park and are programmable to showcase special calendar events such as Christmas or Halloween.