The Van Egdom production facility operates to European recognised quality processes. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality, according to international standards. Our highly skilled employees are qualified, certified and trained regularly to keep up with new technology and techniques.

All steel components are produced to the quality S235 JRG, as described in EN 10025. The profiles are according to DIN-standards. We use seamless welded pipe. Larger diameter pipes can be spirally welded.

All construction elements and bolted connections are hot dip galvanised according to NEN 1461. We only use high standard bolts with a minimal strength quality 8.8 to ensure safety and quality.
When necessary, we use stainless steel. Handrails are made of high quality 316L stainless steel and high gloss polished. We only use Fasteners of A4 quality.

Glass-Reinforced Polyester products

All Van Egdom GRP components are built according to refined specifications, crafted with care, utilising patented techniques developed over many years of R&D. All our In-house designed moulds are created with precision and dedication in our Glass-Reinforced Polyester (GRP) production facility using world class manufacturing techniques to exacting quality standards.


We make high quality products to exacting tolerances to ensure installation is effective and without leakage. Safety, Easy installation, Smooth seamless joints, Colour choice and Construction flexibility are the cornerstones of Van Egdom’s production philosophy.


Our moulds are manufactured with precision and high accuracy. The surfaces are high-gloss polished to make the copy, ensuring the sliding surface is perfectly smooth. This aids effective installation with seamless joint/seals. We produce translucent products in several colours, also opaque parts for ‘black-hole’ slides, guaranteeing all exterior light is blocked. Interior and exterior surfaces can be made in nearly any colour/pattern to RAL and BS colour ways. During production, translucent daylight rings and spots for sensors can be integrated.


Van Egdom GRP products meet the highest quality standards and are thoroughly checked before leaving our facility. Quality control, strength testing and safety are of paramount importance to us. We use slide moulds with minimal dimensional tolerances affording easy installation with smooth joints and without water leakage. Our fibre glass laminate structure also enhances safety. The interior surface, with seamless joints ensures smoother riding. We make both opaque and translucent slides in over 200 different colours.

Certification of the materials employed

Gelcoat and topcoat (N
Lloyd’s (UK), Det Norske Veritas (N), Rina (I)
Polyester Resin
De Norske Veritas (N)
Lloyd’s (UK), Det Norske Veritas (N)
Van Egdom GRP Production Plant in Emmeloord – The Netherlands

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