Waterpark Shefayim - Israël

Waterpark Shefayim - Israël

Great Mat Racing Fun delivered to Waterpark Shefayim

Van Egdom has supplied and installed a 4-lane Mat-Racer at a length of 48 meters to Waterpark Shefayim.

One of Van Egdom’s latest models. This very popular slide is a welcome addition to the park. Using slide mats, the riders can race against each other, adding a fun competitive edge to this spectacular eye catching attraction.

The racing lanes can be delivered in different colours, making for a very attractive visual spectacle.

The slide is manufactured with a steel hot dipped galvanised support construction and tower which can be installed upright or integrated into most sloping natural topography. This Mat-Racer is very easy to operate and delivers hours of safe family water fun.

A welcome addition to any leisure park. Quick and efficient to install, this slide is an ultra low maintenance leisure facility, which adds value and a fun dynamic to water play and leisure parks.

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Waterpark Shefayim
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4-lane Mat-Racer


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