Plopsa Coo | Coo | Belgium

Plopsa Coo | Coo | Belgium

The theme park Plopsa Coo features 3 new attractions. Under the name ‘Dino Splash’ three dry slides start from behind a volcano. Through the backbone of a dinosaur the rafts are transported to the starting platform. You can ride these spectacular attractions without changing into a bathing suit.

The first slide takes you straight down at speed whilst recording the time it takes you to reach the finish. Everyone can compare their times and try to be the fastest rider.

The second slide lets you choose your own light and sound effects, changing the ride experience.

The third ride is the most spectacular. Starting at a slow pace, travelling through crystal clear flumes, after the tight turn, you dive down and then up into a gigantic water wave and amazingly, all the time staying dry.

A unique combination of rides and theming, delivering something new, innovative, a bespoke family attraction.

Van Egdom – Experts in Specialist Bespoke Water Ride Design.

Year :
Country :
Location :
Plopsa COO
Client :
Water Slides :
Boomerango with Crystal Clear / Daylight Spots Hara Kiri with White Magic / Interactive System Hara Kiri with Daylight Rings
Tube Sensations :
Crystal Clear / Daylight Spots White Magic / Interactive System Daylight Rings


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