O'Gliss Park - France

O'Gliss Park - France

“Exploral’O” at O’Gliss – Van Egdom’s “Delta Rivers”

Wild Delta River Rapids – a Breathtakingly Fun Experience

Van Egdom’s Wild Delta River Rapids is a Family Water attraction delivering excitement, fun, high volume with maximum visitor impact and satisfaction.

The Wild Delta River Rapids offer four unique water rides all designed and intertwined to make an exciting all inclusive water attraction experience. It’s a breathtakingly fun experience.

The four river deltas course over 400 meters with turns, meanders, drops, tunnels and sprays, set in landscaped surroundings.

The water slides are intertwined with lagoons allowing riders to select their ride experience and in some cases even change their ride part way down.

This exciting composition of wild river rides deliver four distinct experiences that flow through the delta making up a truly unique water ride attraction.
No ride experience is ever the same.

Niagara at 90 meters

Colorado at 120 meters

Speed River at 70 meters

Indiana the timed ride at 120 meters

Our unique engineering solution, ease of install system with low level operation and maintenance make for an efficient water attraction proposition.

The ride shape and multiple paths can be customised to suit topography, allowing for a surprisingly competitive water attraction investment whilst offering a really great visitor experience.

Van Egdom – Design To Innovate


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Le Bernard
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O’Gliss Park
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Delta Rivers