Meymadion Waterpark - Israël

Landal Ooghduyne - Tube 1200 Slide with 40 meters of Daylight Rings

Van Egdom is delighted to announce the design, manufacture and installation of a 63 meter Tube 1200 slide with spiral staircase at Landal Ooghduyne. The slide has 40 meters of translucent coloured Daylight Rings, runs outside the pool building and re-enters with the slide ending in a landing skim out. 

By adding the 40 meters of Daylight Rings it takes this waterslide to another exciting level.

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Year :
Country :
The Netherlands
Location :
Client :
Landal Ooghduyne
Water Slides :
Tube 1200
Tube Sensations :
Daylight Rings