Interactive slides , Blackburn Leisure Centre – Blackburn – United Kingdom

Interactive slides , Blackburn Leisure Centre – Blackburn – United Kingdom

Van Egdom designed and created two waterslide interactive attractions. The idea of the design was to extend the ride experience out of the building, maximising internal space and showcasing the tube rides to the public outside, whilst introducing interactive elements for riders to take an active part in this fun ride experience.

After twists, sharp turns and entering a crystal clear section, the rider begins the interactive “Aqua Smash” game, hitting coloured spots on the flume side, accumulating a score that is shown on the screen at the end of the skim-out. This really builds up the excitement and rivalry of riders and adds a new dimension to water slide attractions.

The yellow slide is a race slide. It is much faster and spectators from the street can see you fly by passing through the transparent section and back into the building. A screen at the skim-out details how fast you travelled and records the fastest rides of the day. This ride adds an element of competition to water play fun.

Van Egdom – Design to Innovate.


Year :
Country :
United Kingdom
Location :
Client :
Blackburn Leisure Centre
Water Slides :
Tube 800
Tube 1200


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