Bridlington Leisure World - United Kingdom

Bridlington Leisure World - United Kingdom

Van Egdom – Powered by iSlide – New Interactive Water Attraction in the UK – Aqua Smash & Slide Champ

TVan Egdom has created this unique interactive water attraction at Bridlington Leisure Centre in the UK called Splash Zone. Two state-of-the-art interactive waterslides called Aqua Smash and Slide Champ make up the exciting water attraction area called Splash Zone. Aqua Smash – is a really fun interactive water slide game for everyone to enjoy and get “Aqua-smashing” Riders score points by touching the various coloured Aqua Smash sensors fitted inside the tube wall whilst sliding down the ride.

“Aqua Smash” is a test of skill, balance & timing. It’s not just the points that contribute to the score, the sliding speed will also play a part, to produce a unique overall score.

Who will set the best score of the day? Families & friends will love this fun interactive waterslide experience.

Slide Champ is manufactured in GO-Faster Red – It’s the exciting speed slide with a stop watch challenge !

The tube is sized so that riders have to lie down. The stop watch clock starts when the rider takes off on this speed extravaganza and as they speed down the tube, daylight rings have been cleverly installed, creating an illusion of ever increasing speed until the rider splashes out of the tube. It’s a great adrenaline rush for all ages.

The addition of a digital score board to check ride times proclaiming the Slide Champ of the day adds an edge to the ride experience creating an exciting and fun competitive element to this ride.

If you would like to get ready for a Splash Zone at your leisure park and receive more information on our exciting Aqua Smash/Slide champ interactive games and interactive water play structures – Contact Van Egdom at


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United Kingdom
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Bridlington Leisure World
Water Slides :
Tube 800
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Aqua Smash, Slide Champ