Spectaculaire waterglijbanen: niet

1, niet 2, maar 3 super lange waterglijbanen voor kinderen en volwassenen. Durf jij er vanaf te glijden?




Kinderen klimmen en klauteren, spatten iedereen nat met de waterpistolen en vermaken zich enorm op de glijbanen: een mini Duo Racer, een kleine open trechterglijbaan en een buisglijbaan. Allemaal op maat voor de kleinsten



De familieglijbaan, waarop meerdere personen tegelijk naar beneden kunnen glijden, is zo’n drie meter breed en krijgt een zeven meter lange glijbaan





Van Egdom is proud to share the exciting news of the completion and opening in July of a new multiple waterslide attraction, designed, manufactured and installed by our own teams.








Van Egdom has created this unique interactive water attraction at Bridlington Leisure Centre in the UK called Splash Zone. Two state-of-the-art interactive waterslides called Aqua Smash.

Van Egdom has created a world of water fun and adventure in a newly themed leisure facility called Magna Carta Splash at North Kesteven in the UK.
Specially designed for youngsters.






Van Egdom is very proud to announce the installation of this spectacular Crazy Cone slide design, the newest outdoor attraction at De Zandstuve. The Crazy Cone is approx. 50 meters long.

Van Egdom has created this unique interactive water attraction at Bridlington Leisure Centre in the UK called Splash Zone. Two state-of-the-art interactive waterslides called Aqua Smash.

Van Egdom is delighted to announce the design, manufacture and installation of a 63 meter Tube 1200 slide with spiral staircase at Landal. The slide has 40 meters of translucent coloured Daylight Rings.
Van Egdom has delivered a new exciting waterslide to the Hoogstraten swimming pool complex in Belgium. The waterslide is manufactured to our popular Tube 1200 format .
Great Family Fun slide delivered to Zwembad De Zwaoi This attractive 12 meter family slide is popular with all ages. Easy to operate and delivers hours of safe family water fun.
Van Egdom is proud to announce one of the first Crazy Cones for the Netherlands and for Vakantiepark Ackersate developed in partnership with the Ardoer Group. Get’s Crazy with this Ride Adventure.
Van Egdom has created this unique interactive water attraction at ’t Bun at Urk called “Shark Attack”. Van Egdom has supplied and installed a spectacular interactive waterslide named “Shark Attack”.
Aqua Mexicana – Slagharen – Netherlands. By tripling the indoor pool space and building a new water play beach outside, Slagharen and Van Egdom have created a fantastic, exciting water park.
Close to the North Sea in the province of Zeeland, a spectacular water play ship arises from the ‘sea’. It is equipped with a tube slide, two straight slides and a water play deck with a large tipping bucket.
Built in 2015 and at 64.5 m in length, the Les Dauphins Bleus “Crazy Cone” offers a bespoke waterslide experience. This body slide combination of a Tube 1200 with its speedy twists and turns.
Van Egdom designed and created two waterslide interactive attractions. The idea of the design was to extend the ride experience out of the building, maximising internal space and showcasing the tube.
Linberg Park has added a themed water play structure, consisting of a large play platform, a tube slide, water cannons and a wide free-fall slide, combined with a fun water tipping bucket.
Outside the famous Olympic pool of Chartres – Van Egdom has built 2 multi-slides in one installation. A set of two lanes starts from the first platform, from the second platform.
The theme park features 3 new attractions. Under the name ‘Dino Splash’ three dry slides start from behind a volcano. Through the backbone of a dinosaur are transported to the starting platform.
Van Egdom is proud to partner the owners of the Paradise hotel in Eilat , designing and building this very attractive compact water playground for the Hotel guests. Small children can play in the water .
The “Wipe Out” at Beldert Beach, near Tiel in the Netherlands, is a spectacular slide. Taking visitors to a dazzling height of more than 20 m, then sending them plunging down, reaching speeds up to 50 km/h.
Near the French coast on the Bay of Biscay, Van Egdom has built a unique bespoke waterslide. The “Crazy Cone” has been designed so that it can be used as a body slide.
Van Egdom’s “Sidewinder” was developed for our clients at Aqua Magic on the Black Sea coast, built and commissioned in 2015. Sitting unsighted waiting to start.
Van Egdom is proud to announce the completion of a ceiling suspended 41 meter Tube 1200 Waterslide at Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam. Working in tight space to exacting tolerances
Van Egdom were delighted to develop this attraction with holiday park operator Pra’ Delle Tori. This wonderful Pirate Ship water attraction includes seven water slides and many fun features.
The delivery of “Splash” to Aqualibi in Wavre Belgium. Van Egdom has designed a 26 meter Tube 800 from a height of 7.5 meters, incorporating an exciting 45° free fall drop, delivering a speed rush of up to 50 km/h.

Center Parcs was committed to bringing a world class, inclusive water play area for the whole family to its new holiday village Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire UK.

We’re proud and delighted to announce the design.



Van Egdom is proud to have partnered and helped develop Spain’s premier water playground with one of its flagship developments, the “Mega Playground”. Incorporating an eye-catching “Crazy Cone” ride.


Van Egdom is proud to partner Center Parcs UK in devising and creating this great waterpark extension specifically dedicated to Family and Toddler water play fun themed “Venture Cove”




One of Van Egdom’s latest models. This very popular slide is a welcome addition to the park. Using slide mats, the riders can race against each other, adding a fun competitive edge to this eye catching



Using one tower at 8.5 meters Van Egdom has engineered and installed two exciting water rides at Pier Parade in South Shields, UK.

Together with a VE 700 waterslide at a length of 79,3 meters.


This outdoor Waterpark is located in Jakarta. In the slide section of the park you will find a selection of Van Egdom water rides:

Our 4-lane multi-slide speed rider.


In association with Oceade, Van Egdom designed and built a set of four big tube slides, complimented by an external 4-person multi-slide and a double free fall race rider slide.



On Sumatra, near the city of Palembang, In the beautiful park, filled with palm trees, you can find one of the nicest water attractions. In yellow and purple a Super Crater stands out.


Van Egdom has created a great set of slides. Towering above the Great Adventure Park in Crealy, you can choose between three amazing rides with a raft elevator.



Van Egdom have built several waterslides for Aqualand.

From a free standing steel platform, An open VE700 makes its way down in gentle curves to provide a perfect slide for the whole family



When asked to make a “Big Splash” by our clients at Mirabilandia, we were only too happy to help. Four large waterslides, three smaller slides, mini tipping buckets, spray decks and curtains.