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Van Egdom – Water Playgrounds offering water fun for all ages


​Our bespoke water playgrounds invite everyone to come and play. The perfect mix of water fun and family games. We ensure lots of interactivity, great water play features, energy and fun, always dynamic and full of playful surprises. Keeping families entertained, spending time together, having fun.

Van Egdom has many years of design experience and expertise in creating water fun. Our in-house team will assist you through the free design process. Creating a water playground which is truly unique for your business whilst delivering a really great water play experience for your visitors.

We create exciting water attractions, offering water fun for all ages, whether it is interactive water playgrounds or water play equipment. Using Van Egdom's modular system, over 30 different water effects and various water slide combinations can be utilised, the design possibilities are endless. All our water playgrounds can be designed to your exact bespoke requirements, manufactured and aligned to your brand expectations, creative ideas and commercial aspirations.

Ultimately to create really great fun visitor experiences that drive repeat visits.

Dutch Engineering and Manufacture

All our water playgrounds are made with superior quality materials, hot dipped galvanised construction, durable layer of polyurethane coating and high quality polyester products. Our manufacturing processes provide maximum protection against scuffing, UV degradation and exposure to chlorinated water.

Safety and Ease of Installation

At Van Egdom safety is paramount, our number one concern and for over 50 years we have been designing safe water attractions whilst maximising on the fun for everyone. All our products are rigorously tested. We design and manufacture with maximum safety and minimum maintenance in mind, all our water attractions comply with European and international recognised standards. 

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