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“Van Egdom - Powered by iSlide” brings “Aqua-smash X” to Ribby Hall Holiday Park


Ribby Hall village holiday park, Wrea Green, Lancashire UK

      • Ribby Hall's pool features new slides including a 48 meter 1200 interactive play slide loaded with the "Van Egdom Powered by iSlide" interactive game AquaSmash X.
      • Members and guests are able to climb a tower to the top of the slide and play an interactive touchpad game on the inside of the slide, with scores recorded once the ride is completed. Scores can be uploaded to social media platforms, with the top three scores displayed in the pool area.
      • An interactive aqua deck play structure, designed with an array of water play attractions such as a Water umbrella, Overhead showers, Peacock jets, Small tipping buckets, Railing sprayers, together with a Big Tipping bucket and splash guard, a Water arc and Tipping Bucket Tree make up a truly interactive family water play attraction.
      • Van Egdom bespoke designed some integral slides including a Slide Tube Ø800 & 2 Lane Multi-slides maximising space utilisation and adding a further feature to the pool attractions.
      • This composition establishes Ribby Hall with a really great family water attraction area accompanied by a new toddler pool.

Van Egdom is proud to have supplied bespoke water attractions to Ribby Hall and contributed to the opening of it's newly renovated pool in only an incredible 12 weeks

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