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Van Egdom - Creating something Memorable at Meymadion

Van Egdom - Creating something Memorable at Meymadion

Van Egdom is proud to share the exciting news on the completion and opening in July of a new multiple waterslide attraction, designed, manufactured and installed by our own teams, set in the 25 acre Meymadion Water Park in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our design team has worked with the Meymadion owners to realise their ideas and turn them into an exciting and innovative 3 ride combination, delivering an extra 430 meters of waterslide excitement and fun to their visitors in time for the summer season.

This innovative and exciting ensemble of a Triple Crazy Cone, a Tube 1400 and a Super Crater ride has created a unique combination of tube slides off a single tower configuration. An amazing addition to this excellent water park.

By taking the extremely popular, fun for all the family Crazy Cone ride and installing "Three Cones" it has given Meymadion a truly Iconic ride attraction, something everyone is talking about with great excitement. 

This "Triple Crazy Cone" is a guaranteed eye-catcher and delivers a unique experience to the rider every time.

The 1400 tube is loaded with our Daylight Rings package, cleverly creating a speed boost illusion along the tube. Daylight Rings harness and use nature's own natural rays of light to create amazing translucent fun effects inside the Waterslide. It has also been fitted with Van Egdom's - Crystal Clear, creating amazing translucent fun effects by integrating clear tube sections into the waterslide, making a unique rider and spectator experience. This amazing feature catches riders by surprise and is delivering an enhanced fun experience to visitors. 

Designed for Meymadion's thrill seekers and at 125 meters in length the Super Crater begins slow, lulling the rider into a false sense of security. Sliders pick up speed, then "POW" they hurtle into the giant Super Crater revolving at breathtaking speed. The forces of gravity take control, the slide path starts to wobble, they descend into the middle crater, down a tube and into a skim-out/splash pool.
The diameter of the crater bowl is an impressive 12 metres.
This Super Crater is combined with Tube Sensations to enhance the slide experience.

Van Egdom, no stranger to Meymadion, has been delighted over the years to successfully deliver its popular Mat-racer in 2014, a Side Winder ride in 2006 and a Water Playground in 2002.

We are proud of our successful and efficient record of delivering water attractions and slides to Meymadion.

Van Egdom "Experts in Specialist Bespoke Water Ride Design" has created something memorable with Meymadion in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mr Streikman of Meymadion stated:

"The Van Egdom company has realised 4 projects in the recent years, the last being in 2016, one of the largest in Israel".

"I would like to indicate that we worked intensively with Morris Eyal, the Van Egdom agent for Israel, who has given excellent service during all phases of this project. Both at the advising, planning and design, but also during the ordering, producing, transport and installation. During this whole process, we have been working closely with Van Egdom through Morris".

"We also received excellent service from the engineer and the Managing Director Pédro Klomp who listened and helped with questions and obstacles during this project".

"Finally I would like to state that Van Egdom is a professional, friendly company which gives excellent service. I can recommend this company wholeheartedly".

Pedro Klomp (Managing Director Van Egdom):

"Congratulations to Morris Eyal and the team, we are delighted to be partnering with Mr Streikman at Meymadion for a fourth time, further strengthening our great working relationship by delivering exciting design, great innovations, value and trust to our most valued of clients here in Israel".

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