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Swimming Pool 't Bun

Swimming Pool  't Bun

​Swimming Pool 't Bun in Urk (The Netherlands) will be renovated completely. A new competition pool and a new waterslide will be build and the old pool will be renovated. 

The works started in September 2014 and at this moment Van Egdom is installing a spectacular interactive waterslide named "Shark Attack" of almost 70 meter! The starting height is 8,1 meter. The waterslide begins as a Tube 800 and transfers to a Tube 1200. This combination is unique in The Netherlands and beyond. 

To this waterslide the interactive game experience "Aqua Smash" is added with the theme "Shark Attack". Aqua Smash is the complete system where everything comes together: interactive gaming, photo and social media connection. At the beginning of the waterslide people can choose out of 4 different themes with light and sound by means of a touch screen. These themes can be changed during the season. 

The opening of the waterslide is planned at Spring 2016.

Spectacular new waterslide for Vakantiepark Ackers...
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