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Spray Parks - Van Egdom’s Three-Dimensional World of Water Play

Spray Parks - Van Egdom’s Three-Dimensional World of Water Play

Van Egdom has been creating a world of exciting water play discovery for families and children for over 50 years, constantly innovating spray park design and delivering maximum visitor impact and satisfaction.

Our bespoke spray parks invite everyone to play. The perfect mix of water fun and games. We ensure constant movement, energy and fun, always dynamic and full of playful surprises. Keeping families entertained, spending time together, having fun.

A Van Egdom Indoor or outdoor spray park is a premier water attraction. Whether in a large or small scale format, it will be a welcome addition to any leisure resort or park. Water attracts children and families, inviting them into imaginative play, creating excitement, hours of fun and most importantly delivering really great water play experiences and memorable moments for our clients visitors.

Our innovative and fun designs, always encourage hours of active play, allowing children of any age into a world of fun, colour and water movement. We ensure flexible play is designed into our spray park experiences, giving a water play space for everyone whilst encouraging group interaction. Everyone's imagination runs wild in Van Egdom's three-dimensional spray park world of water.

Van Egdom Spray Parks and Water Playgrounds teach children playfully to gain confidence with water and other children. Stimulating their imaginations with a range of water play experiences, many of them can only be operated by playing together. Our play elements have a high degree of interactivity allowing extensive opportunities for children to operate several water play elements themselves or together. Always delivering water play combined with exciting bubbling geysers, water fountains, spray tunnels, tipping buckets, turning water wheels, music, lights and character theming.

Our spray parks can also be combined with existing pools or water playgrounds. A spray park adds an extra dimension to your leisure offer and creates the ideal inclusive children's water play experience.

We design, manufacture and install Spray Parks into all types of Leisure businesses and environments. Working with our clients, we ensure the right mix of bespoke play elements aligned to their theme or brand expectations and commercial aspirations.

Van Egdom is committed to providing its clients with the industry's highest quality products together with innovative design, bespoke service supported by superb engineering, efficient installation, together with world class after-care support service.

Benefits Spray Park:

  • High Attraction Value and Extensive Marketing Potential
  • High Volume Attraction - Popular at Weekends& Midweek
  • Encourages Long Dwell Time - Allowing maximisation of Food & Beverage/Retail Sales
  • Totally Inclusive and Accessible for Everyone - Very Family Friendly
  • Safe with minimum water depth (max. 1 cm)
  • Design eliminates the need for Lifeguards or other Supervision
  • Low operational costs. Electricity, Water & Chemicals
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Easy to connect to Existing Water Treatment Plants

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