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SportOase Hoogstraten

SportOase Hoogstraten

​Last year Group SportOase started the construction of a new swimming pool complex in Hoogstraten (Belgium). 

Van Egdom delivered a new waterslide to the swimming pool complex. 

The waterslide is a Tube 1200 with a starting height of 5,1 meter and a length of 56,4 meter. The waterslide is provided with coloured daylight rings. These rings are translucent, so the daylight can come into the waterslide. To place the rings at the beginning of the waterslide further from each other than at the end, the illusion will be created, that the user goes faster through the waterslide. Also a time registration and tropical rain curtain are placed. 

Sportoase will open the swimming pool complex the second weekend of January 2016.

Spectacular new waterslide for Vakantiepark Ackers...
Coral Reef Waterworld

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