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O’Gliss Water Park - Exploral’O: Wild Delta Rivers concept big hit in France

O’Gliss Water Park - Exploral’O: Wild Delta Rivers concept big hit in France

Explore the lush landscape of Exploral'O and discover Van Egdom's-Wild Delta Rivers, be ready for a unique  breathtakingly fun experience

 Michaël Thibaud and Bram Schuurbiers owner and designer respectively have created an incredible leisure attraction - The O'Gliss Water Park.

Costing twelve million euros to build, it opened in June near to the town of Moutiers-les-Mauxfaits (Vendée France). It expects to attract approx. 130,000 visitors this summer season and grow over the coming seasons.

It is one of the largest water parks in France set in 6 hectares over four experiential aquatic zones:

Lud'O Park: Family & Children area.
Sunset Playa: Beachfront lagoon for relaxing.
Exploral'O: Innovative Wild Delta River rapids set in lush landscape.
Délir'Space: Made for Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers!

Michael, Bram and the Van Egdom team.

Michael and Bram turned to Van Egdom to complement their extraordinary water park vision and landscaping design because they needed fresh innovative thinking to bring their ideas for a new type of wild river ride experience to life. They wanted to explore the notion of differing water rivers and slides together with exotic gardens and through innovate design and really great engineering come up with something unique for the water ride attraction market and exclusive to O'Gliss.

Bram Schuurbiers 'O'Gliss designer' said: "I designed the global concept of the water park, the wave pool and surroundings, more specifically the landscape architecture with the creation of the wild-rivers complex that became Exploral'O.

The inspiration behind the concept and idea for the water park was two things - Integration into the surrounding nature, to create an environment wherein the visitor would feel like spending the whole day in a real garden. The other was to realise thrilling activities, with unique visitor experiences.

The off the shelf water slides were easily found, but we couldn't find any really exciting rivers or rapids, so we decided to design the layout ourselves to be sure they would be exciting enough for us.

When we posed our ideas to Van Egdom they just said "cool, let's work on this to make it happen". They're nice guys who do not only see problems, they work on solutions. The kind of style I like. Less than a week after our first contact we were in Holland with Michael and working on it together with the Van Egdom boys. Incredible service, energy and expertise."

Van Egdom - Design To Innovate

Van Egdom's design expertise and personal approach allowed them to translate Bram's ideas into water attraction design reality in a matter of weeks.

Van Egdom's dutch precision engineering and Bram's vision collaborated into making an incredible, unique but viable idea for a special water attraction.

Unlike other european water ride manufacturers, when it came to making a new bespoke wild river rapid attraction Bram had in mind, Van Egdom had the expertise, design experience and engineering to deliver. Their reputation for precision engineering was put to the test, but together with their design team it allowed them to collaborate with Bram to deliver this next generation river rapid concept set within the Exploral'O - The Wild Delta Rivers.

The Exploral'O water ride 

Exploral'O at O'Gliss offers four unique water rides all designed and intertwined to make an exciting all inclusive water ride experience wrapped around lush landscaping. The four river deltas course has turns, meanders, drops, tunnels and sprays and is landscaped within exotic gardens containing over 9000 shrubs and palm trees. 

The four different water slides intertwined with lagoons allow riders to select their ride experience and in some cases even change their ride part way down. 

There are over 400 meters of river rides with four distinct ride experiences that flow through the delta making up the truly unique Exploral'O water experience. 

  • Niagara at 90 meters 
  • Colorado at 120 meters 
  • Speed River at 70 meters 
  • Indiana the timed ride at 120 meters.

Simon Van Dijk (Van Egdom's Commercial Director commented)

"It was a pleasure working with Bram Schuurbiers who excels in landscape design and imagineering, collaborating together with Van Egdom, Europe's leading in house bespoke water slide and ride provider, made for a special project.

We recognise that every client is unique. Each idea and concept requires personal nurturing to create solutions that optimise investment, offer quality, value and ultimately deliver really great visitor experiences. This project really did prove
Van Egdom design to innovate.

We truly have created something bespoke, exciting and memorable for all who experience Exploral'O with its four wild delta rivers at O'Gliss Water park".

Van Egdom - Design to Innovate

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