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O’Gliss Park

O’Gliss Park
In June 2016 a new water park named O'Gliss Park will be opened in France. With the first concept drawings for this project is already started in 2011. In September 2015 the construction began. 

The water park will be realized at 60.000 m², from which 20.000 m² for parking, 7.000 m² for ecologic waste water treatment and 33.000m² for the water attractions and restaurants and bars. 12 waterslides, a wave pool of 900m², a children's pool of 500m² with 3 slides and a water castle and 300m² "Splash Garden" will be build. 

Van Egdom will build a Wild Water River Complex with four rivers. Three different levels are included, just like on the ski slopes. A green track for the whole family with a split to a blue and a red track. The blue and red track will only be accessible for persons above 12 years and even than… the red track, you need to have courage for this. Then there is a fourth track where people can go through with a one or two persons raft and also a raft where two adults can sit together with two children. 

The water park is made in a landscape design which give people the feeling of a big garden with 240 palms, 160 banana plants, 100 pine trees and several green meadows to lie on. In total 10.000 plants will be planted in and around the park. 

Also, a very specific new insight into the development is included. One has chosen for a purification with a rainwater harvesting system (by plants) for waste water treatment on the ground surface of the project. So a water park is realized, but with respect for the essential subject "water and nature". 

Commissioning will take place early June 2016 and opening to the public is 26 June 2016.

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