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Eiland van Maurik Holiday Park

Eiland van Maurik Holiday Park

Commissions Exciting New Indoor Pool Development with Van Egdom.

Owner Lennard Kempers is proud to announce his long held ambition to add a 15 meter indoor pool to his already successful water playground.

The new development will include a unique Bright Buildings transparent build design with retractable roof and Skywall moveable walls, together with a spectacular waterslide composition designed by Van Egdom. This exciting water slide combination consists of a Tube 1200 at a length of 53 meters plus a Crazy Cone Body Slide at 35 meters both integrated with Van Egdom's popular Daylight Rings, 8 additional flashing lights have been installed into the Crazy Cone, creating a new colourful dimension to the ride experience.

Netherlands company Bright Buildings together with Van Egdom has created a great new concept in Aquatic design and play for Eiland van Maurik visitors.

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