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Sportoase Stede Akkers – Belgium


Sportoase Stede Akkers – Belgium

Van Egdom has delivered a new exciting waterslide to the Hoogstraten swimming pool complex in Belgium. The waterslide is manufactured to our popular Tube 1200 format with a starting height of 5,1 meters and a length of 56,4 meters.

The addition of our exciting Daylight Rings harness and use nature’s own natural rays of light to create amazing translucent fun effects inside the waterslide. The coloured daylight rings have been cleverly installed in such a way as to create a speed boost illusion giving the impression of sliding even faster.

The addition of a digital score board to check ride times also enhances this waterslide as does the Tropical Rain Curtain experience creating an added element of discovery fun and visitor satisfaction.

Designed and integrated at manufacture. These waterslide enhancements are a superb value added opportunity to truly make your ride unique, with minimal maintenance, offering a new dynamic dimension to any water attraction with tube waterslides.

Whether your wish is to create speed boost illusions, or an incredible array and variety of colours and patterns or Tropical Rain Curtains, these amazing features will deliver an enhanced dynamic visual and sensory impact to your visitors.

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