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De Zandstuve - The Netherlands


Van Egdom Crazy Cone - Zandstuve

Van Egdom is very proud to announce the installation of this spectacular Crazy Cone slide design, the newest outdoor attraction at De Zandstuve.

The Crazy Cone is approx. 50 meters long, a very fast and exciting ride. It is also installed with our daylight rings package. The time registration system with stop watch timer makes this slide extra special adding another fun dimension to the ride experience.
According to the Director of De Zandstuve: “The Crazy Cone is unique because of the funnel-shaped exit delivering a new and very spectacular way of sliding here at De Zandstuve”.

Van Egdom’s Crazy Cone ride is extremely popular and inclusive fun for all the family. Riders slide down the tube before dropping into the Crazy Cone. They enjoy the sheer G-Force intensity of sliding up the walls and back to the bottom. The Crazy cone is a guaranteed eye-catcher and delivers a unique experience to the rider every time.

The capacity of this Crazy Cone is ± 180 persons per hour, it can be used with single or double inner tubes, as well as a body slide. Operationally, it is a very flexible ride offering maximum visitor impact and satisfaction.


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De Zandstuve
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