Skilled & Certified

Skilled & Certifietuv sudd

Our skilled and fully certified employees ensure that every design, product and installation are performed according to our Van Egdom Quality Standard, which is described in our quality system. Based on regular inspections, evaluations and training.

European Norms

All of our services and products are executed with the use of the most current NEN-EN ISO norms, such as:

NEN-EN 1069:2010-1&2 :
Water Slides
NEN-EN 1176:2008-1 :
Playground Equipement
NEN-EN 13814:2004 :
Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures
NEN-EN 1461:2009 :
Hot Dip Galvanization
NEN-EN 10204:2004 type 2.2 :
NEN-EN 13451-1 :
Pool equipment

extended networkExtended Network - Building Relationships

With our extended network of agents, affiliated companies and partners, we can provide custom services, products to your specifications, consumables such as inner tubes and operational consultancy. We have developed a network of supporting businesses and experts who can help in all aspects of water park development , construction and operational management.
We realise the value and importance of excellent business partnerships and specialist support we can access on behalf of or for our clients.